Rail Factory d.o.o. decided to invest in the development of an innovative railway wagon. According to it's construction features, a more modern and efficient railway wagon significantly improves the technology of rail transport, which ultimately makes rail transport cheaper and makes this mode of transport more operational and competitive compared to other modes of transport. Also, in this way, the transport of such cargo to the railway is directed, which is a significant contribution from the aspect of environmental protection.

In addition to offering an alternative to current products in this segment, this innovation goes a step further, introducing new standards and features to this wagon class.

The main objective of the invention is to provide a new freight wagon that will improve the technology of freight transport by rail and make it as operational and competitive as possible form of transport and handling of cargo compared to other modes of transport. Such a wagon enables easy and fast unloading of cargo in such a way that controlled unloading enables controlled unloading of the desired amount of cargo for the desired location.

The long-term goal is the serial production of such a wagon model and penetration into the regional and European market with a unique and competitive product, while facilitating the business process of the end user. The main advantages of the invention over existing solutions is a competitive wagon with the main advantages and greater utilization of wagon space. So far, no similar proposed railway wagon solutions are known. Rail Factory d.o.o. will protect such a special wagon design with a patent application.

The market is expected to express it's needs and demand for this type of special wagon when more intensive construction begins. As other countries in the vicinity as well as in the wider region have their own plans and programs, it is expected that they will be interested in buying this type of special wagon.

Rail Factory will exhibit the developed prototype at the largest fair of the railway industry in the world, InnoTrans in Berlin. It is very important to intensify sales activities after obtaining the TSI certificate in order to start the production of a new, innovative wagon for different customers.

Long-term company plans have several goals:

  • Ensure successful business.
  • Certify the company's plant to perform maintenance work for foreign partners.
  • Develop marketing activities to present production opportunities to conquer new potential markets.
  • Continue planning new products.
  • Work further on what we consider crucial, and that is employee education and development.
  • Work on the implementation of development plans that are, among other things, aimed at expansion in the region
  • Make the wagon prototype a recognizable and unique product in the wagon industry.