The main activity of the company is the repair of railway vehicles, so the company offers a wide range of repair services for various types of railway vehicles. We are qualified to make all types of constructions. Welders have welding certificates.

The provision of various repair services occupies the largest part of the capacity in the production plant. We repair and maintain various series of freight cars. The company will try to create it's own recognizable product that will be competitive in the international market.

Proven human resources in the company will allow us to break into the market with new, innovative products that we will design and produce in our company.


► We repair and maintain derivative tank wagons of the Zas-z 796, Zaes-z 799, Zaes-z 798, Zas-z 785, Zaes-z 788 series intended for the transport of derivatives such as gasoline, various oils, oil, tanks with heaters or without a heater. We also do anti-corrosion protection of the inner walls of derivative tank wagons.

► We repair and maintain gas tank wagons of the Zagkks-z 791 and Zagks-z 781 series. The tanks are intended for the transport of TNP (liquid petroleum gases) - propylene, propane, butane, gas mixtures.

► We perform reconstructions and repairs of freight wagons, roll wagons and trolleys.